Bath & Dip
         inc: Shampoo, Dip, Nail Trim, Ear Flush, Anal Glands Expressed, Brush, Fluff, Fragrance & Bow or Bandana         

Under 10lbs
11lbs - 20lbs
21lbs - 50lbs
51lbs - 75lbs
76lbs- 100lbs
101lbs - 125lbs 
$ 12.00
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
$ 25.00
$ 30.00
$ 35.00

Clips & Styles
         inc. Bath & Dip, Hair Cut & Style, Specialty Bows and Polish if applicable         


All prices depend on the size of pet & length of hair, these are basic hair cut prices for pets that are groomed on a regular schedule of 4-6 weeks. Show Grooms are available for an additional price. We also offer Hand-Stripping for an additional fee. All matts are extra, Handling Fees may be applied to pets that are difficult or aggressive. Starting prices are based on puppies between 8-12 weeks. Pets must be able to stand on their own and have complete control of bladder and bowels.


Dental Treatments
Nail Art
Tear Stain Removal
Hair Color
Whitening Treatment
Express Groom (1 hr service)
Appointment Required

Extra fee for matting & ticks will be applied
$ 7.50
$ 2.50 per paw
$ 15.00
$ 35.00 & up
$ 12.00 & up
$ 3.00 & up
$ 25.00


Style & Flair, this is where it gets fun.  During check in it is imperative that you are clear in the choice of hair style you select with your stylist.  Details are important.  There are Five areas that you will select a style for the Head, Face, Feet, Body and Tail.  There are photos available.  Once you have a hair style selected that you are happy with and one that is flattering to your pet accentuating all his/her best features it will be recorded in your file and we will do the same clip unless otherwise instructed.  At this point of the grooming process is when the styles and patterns are cut into the pets coat and scissor to perfection. At the end, pets are accessorized with finishing touches such as bows, bandanas, polish and fragrance.

5902 S Zarzamora 
(corner of Southcross)
San Antonio, Texas 78211

Hours of Operations
7 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday - Saturday

Closed Sundays & Mondays
Call for Appointment 
Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs
Cat Grooming

Under 10lbs
11lbs - 20lbs
21lbs and over
All sizes

$ 35.00
$ 45.00
$ 55.00 & up
$ 65.00 & up