Professional Dog Grooming & Pet Grooming Services


Stage I

Before bathing, we must prepare the pets coat, loosen up the hair and stimulate the pores and hair follicles by brushing and de-matting all areas.  Ears are removed of hair, Toe-Nails are trimmed, and all sanitary areas are removed of hair, such as the belly, rectum & pads of feet.  Once the pets coat is thoroughly brushed and fluffed it is ready for bathing. All matted areas that cannot be removed by brushing will be shaved off before bathing to prevent sores from forming on the skin because the shampoo does not rinse properly.

Stage II

Our salon uses a State of the Art Bathing System known as the HydroSurge.  This bathing process creates a spa-like treatment by pulsating warm water all over the body like a massage.  All pets are treated to a 3 step process during the bathing.  The first shampoo is a de-greasing shampoo which strips the coat of all oils and impurities, the second is a moisturizing shampoo that helps restore and restructure the hair, the third and final rinse would be conditioner.  Not all pets are eligible for conditioner, as some coats do not require additional moisturizing. If there is need for flea treatment we would apply this between the second and third steps.  Although we do not recommend dipping your pet, we do offer the treatment for pets severely infested.  It is safer to keep your pets on a prevention.  You can purchase this through your vets office.  Pet is towel dried in the tub and dried very quickly by hand with a Forced Air Dryer.
Client Appreciation
Free Bath & Dip
for clients who maintain a monthly grooming (every 4 weeks), Bring your pet in once a month for a grooming, and come back for a Free Bath & Dip, 2 weeks after to help maintain your pet in between groomings.